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    Work at Home Scams


    In this scam, the promise is of steady income from simple labor, such as stuffing envelopes or basic data processing. One thing you’ll notice about these ads is that they all use a similar format.

    What’s not spelled out is that you might not get paid for quite a while. Also, there’s a good chance you’ll have to buy most of your supplies from the advertiser.

    Worse, after you’ve done some work, they turn down your results because it doesn’t match their “quality standards,” leaving you out-of-pocket in both time and money. The only ones who make money are the scammers.

    My recommendation? Don’t sign up for anything that arrives unsolicited. Having said that, you might see something that’s intriguing. Before you shell out any hard-earned cash, find out if it’s legitimate. Get everything clearly spelled out in writing, including how you will be paid, when, and if there are any costs. Ask for references and check them out with the Better Business Bureau.

    Here’s an example of one such scam that showed up in my email recently.


    Are you struggling because of the economy? Were you aware that you could make fast money on Craigslist?

    It’s very simple actually, you just subscribe to get our Free Starters Kit and its a step by step process in showing you how you could earn your own money quick.

    There are plenty of reasons that you may want to make a little extra money. Maybe you want to start a business at home, where you can still be around your family.

    You could just want to pay off some of your debt. Other things that may interest you :

    • Working less & Making more

    • Simply working from home

    • Loving what you do

    • Paying off debt

    • Spending more quality time with the family

    • Even firing your boss


    If any of these apply to you, and you’re looking for good quick money, order your Cathy’s CD kit

    Order our FREE CD now and find the best program for you, today.
    unsubscribe: http://ivorysash.com/zpig-eorlnx4lwpdxtiq
    or send mail to:

    5348 Vegas Drive Ste 866
    Las Vegas Nevada 89108.This advertisement is CAN-SPAM compliant

    This email was sent because you signed up and / or registered with us or one of our affiliates. To stop receiving further emails from DGI, mail us at 14280 Military Trail, #7173 Delray Beach FL 33484. DGI is only a mailing service and does not guarantee or support any of the offers advertised in this email. The email may be part of a continuing campaign.

    One of the things that made me instantly suspicious was the bit at the bottom. I didn’t sign up for this list. Besides, none of the people I deal with would send me this kind of message.

    There are a couple of other things here that send up a red flag. One is the necessity of having to write physically to an address to get my name off their list. That would only verify my address and I’d probably get a ton of spam. The same goes for the online unsubscribe address. I’ve seen this type of trick before. Whatever you do, don’t respond.

    Forward work-at-home scams to spam@uce.gov

    © Nathan Segal

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