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    Who Else Wants to Make Money From Writing?


    Beginning today, you’ll learn how to build a career or a part-time income by working as a freelance writer. I’m going to be posting excerpts of each chapter from my book: Secrets of Profitable Freelance Writing, one chapter at a time. Below are all the chapter headings and what you’ll learn in this course. In addition to the chapters there will be video tutorials that will show you what to do.

    • Introduction
    • What You Are Going to Learn
    • Chapter 1: Getting Started with a Mind Map
    • Chapter 2: Researching Your Topic: You’ll gain access to my number one marketing tool in this chapter
    • Chapter 3: Find Magazines with Search Engines
    • Chapter 4: Use Writing Sites to Find Work
    • Chapter 5: The Amazon Research Strategy
    • Chapter 6: Screen Captures and Web Formats
    • Chapter 7: Create Content from Interviews: Interviewing people is a great way to get started in writing and make money, easily
    • Chapter 8: How to Write a Query Letter: In this chapter you’ll learn how to write a query letter that sells and gets you work with magazines
    • Chapter 9: The Value of the Editor: In this chapter you’ll learn how to work with editors. Many writers hate editors because the editor will change the quality of their work. That’s a dangerous attitude to have, because an editor can make a huge difference to your career. Not only that, a good editor can actually improve your material and really make it shine.
    • Chapter 10: How Magazines Pay For Your Work: Here, you’ll learn how magazines pay for your work. You’ll find out what publications are best to write for, and which ones to avoid.
    • Chapter 11: Why You Need a Web Site: Simply put, a properly designed website will help you make money as a writer.
    • Chapter 12: How to Increase Your Profits: In this chapter you’ll learn strategies to increase your income. One of those is the joint venture, which, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to make money without working hard.
    • Chapter 13: How to Find Joint Venture Partners
    • Chapter 14: Notes and Observations: This chapter is all about writing tips and strategies to get the most out of your work.
    • Chapter 15: Writing Resources: This contains all the writing resources in the book.


    My name is Nathan Segal and I have been working as a Freelance Writer for 13 years. In that time, I have written 527 articles and published five books.

    My articles been published in many popular magazines, including: CE Tips (Consumer Electronics), Computer Graphics World, Database Journal, Mac Design, Photoshop User, Rangefinder, Smart Computing, The Computer Paper, Streaming Media World and Windows Expert.

    I worked as an Associate Editor at WebReference.com for five years. I also wrote several feature columns on 3D and video tutorials.

    I was the sole columnist at StreamingMediaWorld.com and wrote 111 articles over a 16 month period.

    My books are: The Photoshop Companion, How to Speed up Your Computer: In 30 Minutes or Less, Professional Photographic MS Word Templates, How to Position Yourself As An Expert In Any Industry and The Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 Insider.

    What You Are Going to Learn

    What I am going to show you in this manual are my fastest methods for finding work, obtaining great assignments and producing content.

    • The book: Secrets of Profitable Freelance Writing (PDF)
    • 5 Video tutorials which show you what to do. Over 90 minutes of content.
    • 1 coaching call per month for two hours at a time. This is a group call where all site members call in at the same time and ask me whatever they want to know about freelance writing.
    • The coaching calls will be recorded and placed online for members
    • Each month I’ll interview a successful freelance writer and talk about the strategies they use to build their businesses
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