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    Watch Out for Fake Reviews on Trip Advisor!!


    After our second day of driving we wound up in Guerrero Negro and decided to call it a day. Based on what we saw online at Trip Advisor, the Hotel Malarrimo in Guerrero Negro was rated as being 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    This is utter b*llsh*t! When we got to the hotel (today – Jan 20, 2010), we booked a room based on that info. What a mistake.

    The first room stank of cigarette smoke and when we asked for a second room the situation wasn’t any better. In fact, they used disinfectant in the air to disguise the smell, but it didn’t work. In addition, the attached restaurant was overpriced and the food, while decent, wasn’t great. I wouldn’t recommend eating here. Find somewhere else, instead.

    In addition, the hotel is old, the paint on the doors was peeling and the rooms are small. The price was a hefty $500 pesos with $100 pesos more for a deposit on the remote.

    My rating? 1 out of 5. I would never stay here again. Also, if you need Internet or WIFI, the connection is really slow. It repeatedly booted me off and my girlfriend couldn’t connect, despite being in same room with me.

    We also went to the next hotel over, the Hotel Caracol, thinking it was better, and based on the the Trip Advisor reviews.

    It wasn’t. The rooms were large, as advertised, but expensive, ($65.00USD/night) and they stank of cigarette smoke, even worse than the place we were in. My girfriend wound up with a headache in seconds and I knew I would never last 5 minutes in that place.

    I take major issue with those reviews on Trip Advisor. In my opinion, many of them, if not all (for this hotel) are fake. I’ve seen this on other sites and I know Trip Advisor has had this problem in the past.

    From now on, I’ll use this site for info about locations, but I’ll never trust what I read until I check the place out for myself.


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