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    W5 : A Taxing Problem – What Happens When The CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Gets It Wrong


    I’m writing to you about a show that’s a must-watch, especially if you’re a Canadian or live in Canada. It concerns the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and how they bludgeon the taxpayer into submission, even when they’re wrong.

    W5: A Taxing Problem

    It details how two businessmen ran afoul of the CRA. The story of the first man is very similar to what happened to Irvin Leroux. You can read his story here:

    The Story of Irvin Leroux

    The story of the second man is very similar to what happened to me, in my battles with the CRA. Hopefully, as more and more people see this story, we can force the government to stop raping the Canadian
    people over tax.

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