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    My Vacation Rental Experience in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico!


    I went with my friends to spend New Years’ Eve in Los Cabos and we had our best vacation ever. Since were a pretty big group of girls, 14 to be exact, we decided to rent a villa. Even a luxury option turned out to be cheaper than a five-star hotel after we split the costs.


    We found an amazing vacation rental villa (Villa Experience) in Los Cabos,but it wasn’t easy to choose the best ones among so many spectacular options.

    We opted for the area of Cabo San Lucas since it is in the modern part of Los Cabos and suited more our party spirit. Our vacation villa had 7 rooms with ensuite bathrooms, breathtaking ocean views (we even saw a whale once) and a gorgeous infinity pool were we spent most of the time!

    One of the best things about Cabo is year-round bikini climate. It is always warm but you can enjoy fresh ocean breeze and the average temperature is about 80°F. With our own private pool we didn’t feel the urge to spend hours suntanning on nearby beaches, but we decided to take a snorkeling excursion to Chileno Beach.

    Sheltered from the wind, the waters are calmer. I had never seen such turquoise waters! We were even allowed to feed the fish, and there was quite a big swarm around us. Maintained washrooms on the beach were a nice surprise. Next time, we want to try swimming with dolphins.

    Of course, we had to see the Arch or the Land’s End as they call it here. Simply amazing! I probably snapped a hundred photos there. You need to see it, to really imagine how beautiful it is. Going by boat seemed like a boring option so we chose to rent a jet ski. We got seven jet ski’s and headed out into the blue waters. We spent about 30 minutes driving around and it was money well-spent, and lots of fun.

    The nightlife in Cabo San Lucas is a blast. No one can deny that it is a party town. We wanted to get to know it really well. In a short time somebody recommended The Amazing Cabo Bar Crawl that took us to an impressive number of bars.

    They have this entertaining game playing tour of local hot spots when you play against other teams bar by bar, through the whole town. The drink challenges were fun, and you get to learn about places that you would never see.

    On our last day, we went to the less crowded part of Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo. It is much quieter than Cabo San Lucas and maintains a picturesque, tranquil Mexican village atmosphere. A great place to taste local delicacies!

    We strolled at the Mijares Square, entered the nice, old church and bought some souvenirs. A relaxing day to finish our vacation in Los Cabos.

    Next year we are coming back and we are also renting a vacation villa!


    Oliver Weickardt

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