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    Travelling – Again


    It was a tough go this morning. I woke up bright and early, packed up my car and left for the ferry before my bully room mate could figure out what was happening. I left early, the 24th, but I could no longer stand living in that place and I had to get out, even if it meant giving up some rent.


    It was the right decision for sure. I made it to the BC ferry with plenty of time before the 7:00am sailing and had just enough time to take a photo of my car in the lineup at sunrise.


    Being on the ferry was lovely. It had been many years since I’d taken such a trip and I very much enjoyed it. I paid a little extra for the privacy of the Seawest lounge. I expected to find a number of people there, but as you can see, the place was almost empty.


    Still, it was a comfortable place to be and I was very happy (and feeling a bit stunned) that I finally had my freedom again. I had missed it so much, more than I had ever imagined and here I was on the road again, on a short journey to my friend C’s place in Coquitlam.


    A photo of the library in Coquitlam.

    © Nathan Segal 2014

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