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    Travelers: Protect Yourself on Social Networks


    Social Networking has become enormously popular with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others popping up all over the digital landscape. These sites allow you to share information about your life, along with photos, videos, links, blogs and more.

    Here are a few tips to make sure you use Social Networks safely.

    1. Make sure you enable the privacy settings and restrict posting access on your account

    2. Watch your language and be careful about what you post. Getting too personal could have some serious repercussions.

    3. In some cases, your employer could view your profile. Some posters have wound up in hot water over their postings. Some have even lost their jobs.

    4. Another problem is cyberbullying, which can be both insidious and devastating. In some cases, the abuse has caused loss of life. Extreme cases may cause the authorities to become involved.

    5. Be very careful with sex chat/talk online. That can lead to some dangerous situations. In the case of children, they might be stalked by an online predator.

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