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    Travelers: Protect Your Laptop From Theft on the Road


    Having a laptop is a great way to work and if you travel, it offers great flexibility. The down-side is if you store personal and private information on your laptop, you could be subjected to identity theft if your laptop is stolen.

    When traveling with a laptop, here are some important considerations:

    1. Use a travel routers, either for LAN connections or for wireless.

    2. Don’t ever leave your laptop in your car.

    3. Never let your laptop out of your sight, especially in restaurants or coffee shops (unless you have someone you trust to watch it if you’re going to the bathroom).

    4. Use a laptop security cable – and keep it locked.

    5. Don’t put your laptop on the floor in a restaurant or coffee shop. This reduces the risk of damage from spills.

    6. Use a well-padded laptop case or backpack

    7. If you have a movement alarm, use it.

    8. Encrypt the data on your computer with software such as Identity Finder.

    9. Protect your passwords with Roboform Password Manager & Form Filler, which is a program that you can load on a flash drive and uses a secure password to access your system passwords. Another option is LastPass, which you can get for free.

    10. If you have a business laptop and it’s been stolen, notify your employer immediately and call the police. Also, take a look at the FTC’s site, Dealing with Data Breaches

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