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    Travel to Cuba for Americans: A Foolish Risk?


    A few days ago I came across an article about the dire consequences for Americans who want to travel to Cuba and what will happen if they do so. Among other things, there are penalties of imprisonment, huge fines, and worse. If an American citizen wants to travel to Cuba, they have to obtain special permission to do so.

    The whole story is spelled out in the article: Travel to Cuba? Probably not worth the risk.

    To me this seems very strange. I have an acquaintance (an American) who has traveled to Cuba many times without incident and he does so through Canada. More to the point, when an American arrives in Cuba (according to what I’ve been told), their passport isn’t stamped. Instead, they are given a folded piece of paper which is stamped and inserted into the passport.

    They then keep that for the duration of their stay. Then, when it’s time to leave Cuba, another stamp is affixed to the paper and this is kept by the customs official. This way there’s no official record of their visit to Cuba.

    I may be wrong about this and if I am I’m open to be corrected, but this is what I heard from this acquaintance, who has been to Cuba many times over the years and without any issues.

    I look forward to your feedback.

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