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    Traditional Luggage Tags Have 2 BIG Problems

    1. They give total strangers your home address, especially in the departure terminal just as you prepare to leave town.

    2. They are often torn off by the conveyor belt machinery or they are lost when the handle is broken by rough handling.

    Protecting Traveler’s Privacy

    Few people ever consider that major carrier departure terminals are excellent places for local burglars to get the addresses from luggage tags. A Dateline TV segment some years ago dubbed this person a “Handle Surfer”. They pretend to be fellow travelers for the sole purpose of getting addresses of people they know are leaving town–the busier the terminal the better for them. They can pretend to text while they actually are photographing those luggage tags—they might even overhear how long you plan to be gone.

    Everyone has heard horror stories of lost or delayed luggage. Most travelers are very aware that their bags need to have identification, especially if it’s being checked. The traveler attaches the luggage tag to the bag’s handle and checks it in, hoping to see it again when they arrived at their destination.

    Many people think they are safe by just giving either an unlisted phone number or a cell phone number. However, today, with a quick Internet search, both are usually traceable to the billing address–usually the home address. Even travel guru Peter Greenberg recommends putting your cell phone number and e-mail address on luggage tags, but we recommend against it for your safety.

    No Other Service Does This

    For our member’s protection, Luggage Protection Tags is the ONLY lost and found ID service that:

    • Gives you an 800 number and ID number you can put on your luggage INSTEAD of your own traceable personal information.
    • If a lost item is found the Good Samaritan calls our 800 number, enters your ID number and
    • Our system automatically connects that call directly to your phone(s) in real-time while blocking your phone number from the caller ID of the finder
    • Your privacy is protected 100%.
    • You can arrange to recover the item in a safe public location, or have the item mailed to your office or the office of a trusted advisor, like your insurance person. Never give your home address to a stranger.

    Other services only text or e-mail if an item is reported found. Email can be pretty slow—not everyone has a smart phone or quick email access, but almost everyone has easy access to a telephone, even in remote areas.

    Labeling Your Luggage

    When dangling tags become entangled in the conveyor belts and are ripped off your bag, it’s left without ID and/or without routing instructions.

    • For this reason Luggage Protection Tags recommends using our bright yellow and black super adhesive luggage labels that actually stick right ONTO the bag itself–even if the handle disappears your bag stays identified.
    • Our labels make your bag easier to find from a distance and if you need to file a claim for a delayed or lost bag it’s easier to identify them because our labels are unique.
    • Even for those that insist on putting a traditional luggage tag on their bags, we recommend putting our 800 number and your family’s ID number on the tags for protection of your privacy.

    Travel writer Sophie Butler recommended taking a photo with your cell phone of each piece of your luggage before you leave home, but especially of any luggage you will be checking. With theft of valuables from carry-on luggage and the theft of the bag when exiting the plane also increasing, making ALL your bags easy to ID at a distance is even more important. She also recommends if your bag does not arrived when you do, that you fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) form with the carrier BEFORE leaving the terminal even if it is not a convenient time to do so.

    Being able to show the carrier’s representative a photo of your bag and showing its unique identifier of our attached label(s) will help them spot your bag more readily. That photo can also be attached to an email during the claims process so never erase it until the bag is returned, or until you have been compensated in the event of a total loss—a bag is usually declared lost after 21 days.

    Not Just For Luggage

    You can identify all of your family’s “losable” items with a single Luggage Protection
    membership. We all carry things with us every day, whether we are traveling or not, that we would like to have returned if they are lost. Things like:

    • Cameras and camera cases
    • Cell phones
    • iPads and iPods
    • Purses and wallets
    • Diaper bags
    • Sports gear
    • Kids toys, backpacks, lunch boxes, and clothing
    • Expensive text books and library books
    • For items that won’t take a gummed label, like clothing or sports gear that gets wet, you can write the 800 number and your ID number on the tem with a Sharpie pen.

    Each membership includes 50 or 100 assorted sized labels and you can buy more on our website, or to save money you can make as many more as you need.

    Also Included

    Also each membership includes either 1 or 2 key-tags that are strong, deeply engraved, and bearing our 800-number and your family ID number.

    • Your keys can be easily return if lost
    • If you ever need to get in touch with us you have our toll-free number and your family’s ID number in your hand — not some file drawer.
    • Identifying your keys in a way that cannot be traced to your home is doubly important if your house key is on that key ring.
    • Save hundreds–if you have ever had to replace one of those keyless entry key fobs or “chirpers” you know they can cost hundreds of dollars to replace besides giving strangers access to your vehicle, so you REALLY want to get them returned quickly and safely.

    Note: we don’t allow pets to be identified with this service — we feel pets are family members and shouldn’t be treated like baggage. We only ship to US and Canada.

    With Luggage Protection Tags, whether you are traveling cross-country or just to the corner market, identify anything “losable” and keeping your family safe 24/7 costs less than $2.50 a month.

    About the company

    The founder of Luggage Protection Tags, Boots Gibson, is an avid traveler and had searched for a company to safely identify her luggage and important personal items, after seeing the Dateline TV segment about burglars getting addresses off luggage tags at departure terminals. She had a list of 6 criteria she wanted from a service, but could only find companies that met 1 or 2 of those criteria, so she started Luggage Protection Tags, Inc. to offer others the same level of service she wanted.

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