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    Those D@mned Gecko’s Again


    Mexico is famous for the Gecko lizards, which are fairly small and remind me of soft rubber. They tend to be pinkish in color with soft skin and they make a kind of chirping sound, reminiscent of a bird. It’s said that if a Gecko takes up residence in your home it’s a sign of good luck. And, as luck would have it, I had a Gecko in my first apartment in Bucerias.

    Most often I’d find it hanging out upside down on one side of the roof.

    During my time there I had one persistent problem which mystified me. On top of the fridge I found these drops of a blackish grayish substance and I had no idea what they were. And over time, I seemed to be getting more of them and I couldn’t figure out why.

    One day after looking at the drops, I looked up and spotted the Gecko in its customary spot on the ceiling. Then it hit me. Those drops were Gecko shit. Eeeeyuck! I felt grossed out but the mystery was finally solved.

    On another trip to Mexico I wound up with a different apartment. One morning, the “urge” came on quite strongly and I had to visit the ‘loo. I assumed the position and began to take a whiz. A few seconds in, I felt something smack my hand and fall to the floor.

    I jumped in fright, spraying pee everywhere. Then I looked down and realized what had happened. A Gecko fell off the ceiling.

    Another time, in yet another apartment, I decided it was time to wash my dishes and I lifted a pot in the sink. Something jumped and I nearly had heart failure. When I finally looked down I found a Gecko hiding under the pot.

    And if you think this is reserved to Gecko’s I assure you it’s not. I was at a retreat where we were camping in the open. A buddy of mine was taking a nap on a tarp one afternoon. He woke up with a start when something hit him with a loud, wet smack. The culprit? A tree frog.

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