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    The Trocadero Restaurant in La Paz, BCS, Mexico


    The Trocadero restaurant is only a few short blocks away from where we live, at Morelos 965 e/ Revolucion y Madero. We passed by it many times, had look at the menu (they specialize in tapas) and we thought we’d like to go there for dinner.

    A couple nights ago, we did. It was a lovely warm night and we chose an outside table. We ordered coffee and water. My coffee cup was huge, much along the lines of a soup bowl and quite good.

    After some thought, we ordered a few items from the menu. One was a wonton dish. While it was good, there wasn’t very much of it. We weren’t too concerned, though, because we’d ordered a couple of dishes from the main part of the menu. Laura ordered a type of steak and I got a fish dish.

    When the food arrived, it was on too large dishes and despite the presentation, my first reaction was shock. "Where’s the rest of it?" I said to Laura, which was a bad sign. Laura had a piece of steak reminiscent of filet Mignon and I wound up with a small square stack of fish with wine sauce and some mushrooms in between the two pieces of fish.

    The big problem was that there was nothing else. No rice, vegetables or salad. At this point we truly understood the meaning of "tapas." The food was excellent, but it wasn’t enough. After dinner we were still hungry and decided to go in search of something else. The second issue was the price. Between the two of us, we spent just shy of $600.00 pesos.

    That was highway robbery and we both felt ripped off. To make it worse, we were paying American prices, as well.

    To put things in perspective, I paid $160.00 pesos for the fish and I know I could get a great seafood dinner along the same lines down at Bismarck-cito on the Malecon (only a few blocks away) for only $130.00 pesos (and that’s high). It would have come with salad, chips and salsa, rice and beans. I guarantee you I’d have been stuffed.

    Laura wound up paying $190.00 pesos for her dish, which was extremely expensive, considering what she got. If you come to La Paz, I recommend that you avoid Trocadero. The atmosphere is great but the food prices are way too high for what you get.


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  • Hello Nathan,

    I was wondering… do you stay in Mexico year round or just seasonal?

    If seasonal… do you always rent the same apartment?

    What area would you recommend if you wanted to live close to a nice clean beach?

    BYW… how many pesos to a US dollar?

    I live in Oregon, once my kids move out.. I would like to get out of here during the cold, foggy winter months to a nice warm place by the water. Mexico sounds affordable. Renting seems like a good idea.

    Is it easy to find apartments to rent month-to-month? That are affordable ($500USD range)

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your message. For years I’ve been going to Mexico only for the winters, but now I plan to stay most of the year, due to the better climate.

    I’ve traveled throughout Mexico, so no, I haven’t stayed in the same place. This winter was different, since I wound up in the same building as last year, but in a different apartment. It’s possible to get a year round rent in one apartment. Some landlords offer a lower monthly rate if you do.

    As for living close to a beach, there are many areas, too numerous to name. Some places I’m familiar with are San Francisco, La Cruz, Bucerias, Rincon de Guayabitos, Todos Santos, and there are many, many more.

    The exchange is roughly 13 pesos to the dollar.

    Apartments are easy to find; you need to shop around though. Some can be real dumps. As for the price, it depends on where you are. We have a really nice apartment in La Paz for $460.00USD/month.

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