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    The Top Three Beach Destinations in Mexico


    Here’s a question from a reader: “I’m thinking of taking my family on spring break to Mexico. We would be flying from Denver. What are the top 3 family beach destinations in Mexico in terms of accessibility and value. I, of course, want it to be as affordable as possible.”

    Generally, the top spots are Cancun, Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta.

    Since I didn’t know the size of your family, I took a guess and researched for 2 adults and 2 children younger than ten. All searches were done on Kayak.

    For Acapulco, best trip I could find was with AeroMexico for 682/passenger with a total of 2728/with taxes and a stopover in Mexico City.

    For Cancun, best price I found was for $647/passenger with a total of $2588 with taxes. This is for a nonstop flight.

    For Puerto Vallarta, the best price I found was for $359/passenger or a total of $1437 with taxes. This for a flight with one stop each way, either in San Francisco or Los Angeles

    If you’re in the Puerto Vallarta area, I recommend connecting with Scott of Scott’s Bucerias Tours.

    Note that with all of these rates, I recommend calling the airlines directly. I’ve often found that if you do so, you can get the times and flights you’re looking for for a better rate.

    Hotels are a different story and the prices are all over the map, depending on whether you want to book one yourself or build an all-inclusive trip. If you choose the latter, it will be simpler from a planning standpoint, though you’ll need to make sure that all aspects of the trip are included. Reading the fine print is important so you don’t get stuck with some unexpected surprises (expenses).

    If you’re planning to book the trip yourself and you’re checkign out travel sites, ignore the best and worst reviews. In my experience, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    You might want to look into all-inclusive travel as some of these deals have an arrangement with airlines and can provide nonstop flights.

    One other thing, when booking an all inclusive vacation, make sure you get a hotel that’s a few blocks away from the beach. Spring break is party time and if you’re on the beach it can get pretty noisy and you might have sleep issues.

    One other problem in these tourist destinations are time share sharks and vendors who won’t go away, even if you say: “No gracias.” Here are a couple of videos on how to get rid of time share sharks and annoying vendors.

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