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    The Swap Meet In Palm Springs


    Every weekend, from 7:00am-2:00pm (until it gets too hot), is the swap meet at the College of the Desert in Rancho Mirage. As swap meets go, it looks much the same as any other. Some notable differences are the size, about 300 booths or so and it’s outside. It’s a great place to get all sorts of stuff and some of the food items were great.

    One of my favorite booths was the one selling the hot sauce. I love the various designs and funny logos. Here’s a sampling of my faves: “Before Death, Sudden Death, After Death, Ass Kickin’ Chili, Colon Cleaner, etc.” One of the sauces is so hot that you have to sign a waiver before you can buy it.

    This is where we stocked up on nuts, trail mix and other goodies for the road. When driving, I tend to use these as snacks to keep up my energy when my blood sugar gets low, which works like a charm. The down side is I get really tired of nuts after a few days.

    One food item you must have if you’ve never been here are the Medjool dates. As far as I know, they’re biggest dates you can get. They’re also incredibly tasty and sweet. Date shakes are a real popular item in the desert. I recommend them.

    A couple other things I want to note is when you’re here, go to the main drag in Palm Springs and walk down Palm Canyon Drive. There are many stars on the walk of fame here and some great shops. For coffee lovers, check out Ignition. It’s got some great brews there. My favorite was the Kona blend, which had a hint of chocolate flavor.

    If you have a GPS and you want to go to Starbucks, be prepared for many disappointments. So many have closed that it almost seems like they’ve vanished off the planet, but not to worry. With perseverance, you’ll find them and satisfy your coffee craving.

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