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    The Southern Part of Bucerias


    Necessary gear for traveling or living in Mexico.

    hat and dictionary
    hotel palmeras

    My room at the Hotel Palmeras, one of my favorite hangouts in Bucerias. It’s about 1-1/2 block south of the arroyo on Lazaro Cardenas.

    hotel palmeras

    The foyer at the Hotel Palmeras. I spent many hours here the last time I was in Mexico (two years ago), gabbing with Diego and Carrie (Morris’ daughter). Morris (Moshe) owns the hotel.

    red apple menu

    The menu at the Red Apple, across the street from Hotel Palmeras.

    coffee red apple

    One of my many coffee shots. This one was at the Red Apple.

    chilaquiles red apple

    Breakfast at the Red Apple. This is known as Chilaquiles, corn chips smothered in a red sauce (tomato based) and served with sour cream, melted cheese, beans and has two fried eggs on the top. It also comes with toast and condiments. Definitely not for the health conscious, but it tastes soooooo good.

    red apple view

    A view from the top of the Red Apple. Last time I was here the lower seating area didn’t exist, neither did that huge condo building in the distance.

    coffee at jorges

    Coffee at La Cocina de Jorge. A great place for low priced food. You can get a full breakfast with tortillas and coffee, for less than 40 pesos. A great place for those on a budget.

    Los Helechos

    Los Helechos. A best kept secret in Bucerias. Despite the fact that this restaurant is only one block off of the main drag in southern Bucerias, it hardly gets any traffic, yet the food is excellent.

    The name Los Helechos means “the ferns.” The place is full of them, along with hummingbird feeders on the outside of the building. At times I saw so many hummingbirds around the feeders that they resembled large bugs.

    dinner at lost helechos

    Dinner at Los Helochos. Pan fried Dorado in butter with rice and mashed potatoes. It also came with chips, salsa and some bread. Of course I had coffee. Total price, less than 110 pesos (about 11 dollars).

    frutas y verduras

    A great place to buy fruits and vegetables, straight off the back of a truck. This is a common sight in Bucerias.


    “Swim with the Crocodiles,” a fictional tour, based on a conversation with my buddy Scott. The sign is pretty faded, but it’s two years old. I made it the last time I was here and it never fails to get laughs.

    It has, however, created some odd comments and questions, like the one from the woman who wanted to know the full price of the tour before the discount. What was even funnier was the woman who came in and told Scott that she could get the tour for a lower price from the time share sharks up the street.


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  • Hi Nathan,
    I’m so glad the Red Apple is still in business. My husband and I have spent many mornings enjoying the view from the rooftop eatery. It’s been several years since we’ve been in Bucerias; just thinking about the Red Apple makes me long for the French toast. Thanks for sharing the pictures!
    Lori Dorrington
    Atlanta, GA

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