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    The Power of Blogging


    My last post attracted quite a bit of attention. I was offered a place to stay by two friends and as a result, I’m now off the streets and I hope to stay this way.

    I made the decision to start blogging two months ago and to build my travel blog into a business. At the time I had plenty of inspiration, but no clear idea how I would make it work. I resolved to learn on the way, to blog every day (including weekends) and to see what happened.

    Something, I thought, will come out of doing this and I had no idea what. In the very short time I’ve been posting, my audience has grown, I’ve done some list building and I’ve been creating relationships with other bloggers and travel professionals. I even had one fellow write to me from Vietnam and ask me to become a guest poster.

    Locally, my blog has made a difference in ways I could have never imagined. Many people have written to me, mostly privately, to discuss different concerns. In some cases I’ve asked the person writing to post their questions in the comments, so that all could benefit.

    As for the friends who helped me yesterday, they are: Johanna, who offered me the use of her shower and later fed me a casserole for lunch. That really helped with my mental state.

    Next is Doug King. He and his wife own Willie’s Bakery and Cafe’. It is by far my favorite breakfast place in Victoria. Doug offered me some space for a few days which I gratefully accepted.

    The other friend who offered me a place is Burt Wams, owner of Burt’s Automotive (250) 384-6677. Burt has been my mechanic for several years and does great work. We had lost touch for a while, and unbeknownst to me, Burt was reading my blog. He wrote to me just before I went car camping but I didn’t receive the message. Then he tried again yesterday. I was so surprised and in such a positive way.

    To all of you, I’m grateful. You have shown me the power of friendship and genuine caring. I cannot thank you enough.

    As everyone can see by what’s happened here, this is the power of blogging, of social media and genuine friendship, all working together.

    Until next time.

    © Nathan Segal

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