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    The Posada De Las Flores in Loreto


    This cool shot is of the Posada de las Flores. It looks like an old hotel but is really a replica, only 11 years old, but made to look much older.


    As you look at the shots here, you’ll see that it’s pretty spacious and very inviting.


    When you move into one section of the main foyer, you’ll see what looks like an interesting skylight above your head. In reality it’s the pool.

    Yup, you read that correctly. The waving pattern above you is the water. It’s a really cool idea but a bit disconcerting. I mean, what happens if there’s an earthquake? Or if the building settles and it cracks the base of the pool? Not fun to contemplate, since the pool is some 3 storeys above your head.


    The pool, as seen on the rooftop.

    One other thing to consider is the price. Very expensive. We didn’t get the room rates, but here’s an example. This afternoon, we went up to the bar on the 3rd floor for a coffee.

    The price, with tip? $75.00 pesos. Holy sh*tting-f*ck! And that’s for a regular black coffee, nothing fancy. I hate to think how much a latte would have cost.

    While the space was great (and the view), I’m really glad we didn’t eat here. It’s no wonder that the couple across from us used their credit cards for a beer – each!

    If you come to stay at this place, I’m sure you’ll like it. Just make sure you have a healthy bank balance. You’ll need it.

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