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    The Malware Wars


    As a computer user, and especially one on the road, software security is crucial and it’s important to have the best protection available. But sometimes that’s not enough. You have to be really careful with email, social media and the like, because you might be easily infected with malware that appears to come from a trusted source.

    This has happened to me many times and the last time was with the Skype virus which could have held my computer for ransom, or so I heard. It came from a trusted source. Luckily, my colleagues were discussing it in a chat at the precise time when the infection hit me. One of them gave me a URL of an article that talked about how to remove it from my computer, and I was able to do so before the virus could inflict any damage.

    But there were other times when I wasn’t so lucky. Years ago, I was hit by the Klez virus and it did a lot of damage. It cost me hundreds of dollars to get my computer repaired.

    Then there was another problem when I worked as an associate editor for an online magazine. Someone targeted the company with a brute force attack, where the company was being bombarded with a million hits/week. It caused a big problem on my end and my computer was infected with dozens of viruses every day for weeks. I had to delete all the attachments manually. Finally, the company figured out how to block the attack and the problem stopped.

    And if you’re a traveler, you could run into all sorts of problems on the road, so it’s important to stay on top of your malware protection programs, a list of which is at the bottom of this article.

    And one more thing, if you use flash drives and you go to cyber cafe’s make sure you scan them immediately after use. Some of these cafe’s have lax security and you could wind up with a virus attack this way.

    And there’s more, which is the subject of this article called: The Malware Wars. I recommend that you read it and print it. The instructions here could save your computer one day.

    Protect Your Computer With These Programs

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