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    The Last Day of Carnaval in La Paz, BCS, Mexico


    Today was the last day of Carnaval, which had been going on in La Paz for the last 6 days. It was a major party with plenty of parades) that resulted in a large part of the Malecon being blocked off for the festivities.

    Over the coming days, I’ll be posting many of the clips on my Youtube account. Some will be available on my blog, though the vast majority will be on Youtube. I hope you enjoy them.


    This first image is of Laura with one of the locals, dressed for the occasion. Being a major fan of blue, I loved his outfit.


    This is a shot of a handbag that Laura bought. Interestingly enough, she got it for $280 pesos, roughly $70 pesos less than what she would have paid, had she bought it in Todos Santos. It pays to shop around, but neither of us expected to find a deal here.

    Here’s a wild experience that I had tonight. Suffice to say that you’ll have to see it to believe it

    Stay tuned for more video here and on my Youtube account.

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