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    The Importance of Learning Spanish in Mexico


    For me, learning the Spanish is important, for a couple of reasons. First, it was a sign of respect. Secondly, I knew it would help me navigate the culture. Nothing is worse than not being able to make yourself understood.

    In many cases, when Mexican people saw I was making a genuine effort, they opened their hearts and their lives to me. Many times I was invited into people’s homes and in one case, I was adopted by a Mexican couple who only knew a few words of English. They let me know that if I hung out with them, my Spanish would be much better.

    They were right.

    One thing that helped me out enormously was to start a conversational Spanish group in Victoria back in 2006. We have many levels of speakers, from beginners to advanced.

    Originally, our group was on Meetup.com but moved to Ning.com. The name is: Se Habla Espanol. If you’re looking to improve your Spanish, come join us.

    As for courses, here are the ones I recommend:

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