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    The Importance of a Ghost Address When Traveling


    When traveling, especially if you’re on the road for a long time, you’ll need to have a physical address to receive mail. One issue that comes up with this option is the issue of privacy. If this is a concern for you, a simple solution is a ghost address.

    Simply put, a ghost address is where your mail is delivered, but you don’t live there. One major reason for this is security. In his post about ghost addresses, privacy consultant J.J. Luna explains why this form of security is so important.

    While one ghost address might be enough, Luna recommends having two. Here’s one reason why a ghost address is so important. If a thief breaks into your car and your address is displayed on the registration, the thief can case your address and burglarize it when you’re not home.

    If your address is publicly displayed if anyone does an Internet search, it could expose you to stalking, theft, home invasion or worse.

    In contrast, if you have a ghost address, even if a thief breaks into your vehicle they won’t find out where you live.

    When people think of a ghost address they often think of a postal box, but that’s not effective for several reasons. One of those is that it’s obvious it’s a postal box by the address. Secondly, it’s often not possible to receive Fedex or UPS deliveries.

    What you want is an address that looks like an ordinary one, such as: 301-1543 Main St, Anytown, KS. USA. Sometimes you’ll see an address with the word “suite” in it. In both cases, this could be a box on the wall of a business and nothing else.

    For some of you, this may be enough, but if you want more protection, check out Luna’s approach. Another option is to use a New Mexico LLC, which Luna also discusses. This can be really handy if someone wants to sue you.

    I’m not an expert on this process so I won’t continue. I recommend you visit Luna’s site and let him guide you through the process.

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  • Hey Nathan! First time reader here. I must say, you have a very interesting blog here!

    I am in the process of reading J J Luna’s book in privacy, but a lot of it doesn’t apply to us Canadians. Do you know how we can own our vehicles anonymously in Canada? And how can we go about getting a ghost address in Canada? Do LLC’S exist over here as well?

    Would love to get your input Nathan.

  • Hi Richard,

    I would write to JJ Luna and ask him your questions. I’m not an authority on the topic. Having said that, one simple way of obtaining a ghost address (in my experience) is to rent a mailbox in a location that doesn’t have PO in the address. I use one at a storage facility. In this case it looks like an ordinary address such as: 3184-252 Main Street, Your City, BC, Canada.

    One other address option is where the address contains the word “suite.” In some cases the suite number is nothing more than a box on a wall of a fixed address. I’ve used this approacha as well and it’s a great way to maintain anonymity.

    You can register your car insurance to the mailbox, as well as your driver’s license. If this seems surprising, I spoke to an ICBC agent and she told me that ICBC doesn’t care where your address is, just so long as you have insurance on the vehicle.

    I hope this helps.

  • I just wrote to JJ Luna. LLC’s are not useful in Canada. Good try, though.

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