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    The Hidden Benefits of Blogging


    When I began to blog seriously a couple of months ago, my intention was to grow my audience, build a list, create joint venture relationships and, of course, to earn more money.

    While some of those things have happened, it’s not come as quickly as I’d hoped. At this moment, it’s clear I’m not another John Chow and perhaps this is because I’m working in the travel niche, instead of Internet marketing.

    Still, it’s been an interesting journey so far. Part of my time has been spent creating relationships on the travel forums at LinkedIn and I’ve met some great people there. I’ve also been making use of social media with my posts.

    For the most part I use facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+. So far so good, though I want to increase my reach.

    Some of the hidden benefits of blogging are writing opportunities which have come up and having my blog read by people in other countries. I know the Internet is world-wide, but sometimes I forget and that can lead to pleasant surprises, like the link exchange with a blogger in Vietnam.

    Then there’s what happened with my living situation and so many people reaching back to me in ways I’d never expected. For a long time I’ve felt somewhat isolated (a downside of writing), but through blogging I’m making many friends and re-activating friendships which I’d thought were long gone.

    I’ve really felt an enormous amount of love coming towards me from many places and this has spilled over into my offline life. I have no idea what’s happening, only that my life is changing in many unexpected ways, and for the better.

    I want to thank all of you who have read my blog and for your comments on the blog itself and to me, directly.

    See you soon.

    © Nathan Segal

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  • Yes Nathan, my intention was the same to travel and make few money from blogging. But it has been a tough journey so far. But all the experiences you gain while traveling and the relationships you build with other travel bloggers, photographers, both online and offline and the things you learn from them is is so amazing.Good luck in you future endeavors.

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