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    The Farmer’s Market in La Paz


    The Farmer’s Market is a new event that began in La Paz in January and was originally on Madero and Cinco de Mayo.

    Over time, that changed and the times for the market were at 10:00am on Tuesday and Saturday.

    Then as the weather began to get hotter, things changed again. The market moved from Madero to a square in front of the post office, just north of Cinco de Mayo. I think the cross street is Constitucion, but I’m not sure.

    And just a few days ago, things changed again. Yesterday (Tuesday) was the last Tuesday market and they will now contine, but only on Saturday and at 9:00am.

    You can get bread by Pan D’ Les, baked treats by Sharon, empanada’s by Olivia, sculpture and wooden kitchenware by Homero, organic produce by Kayle and much more.

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