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    The Downtown Part of Bucerias


    The concrete bridge that crosses the arroyo on my side of Bucerias and links it to the inner part of the town.

    arroyo bucerias
    arroyo bucerias

    The arroyo leading to the ocean, as seen from the top of the bridge. The arroyo is more than a bit of an eyesore in Bucerias. It’s where treated waste irrigation water comes down from higher up and mixes with sewage that is pumped into the arroyo from both downtown and from where I live, from Lazaro Cardenas. There is a pumping station under construction nearby where they’re replacing the old plastic pipes with steel ones, but it’s going to take awhile to complete. As for the smell coming from the arroyo, let’s say it’s interesting and leave it at that, but sometimes, the runoff turns the shoreline a muddy brown and it’s not a pretty sight, nor do you want to go wading in it if you’re out for a beach walk. I’ve had that experience myself and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Fortunately, it’s a rare experience and it only happened once during the two months I’ve been here.

    Update: This area has gone through an extensive cleanup and a sewage treatment plant has been built. There’s still an unpleasant smell from time to time, but it’s nowhere nearly as bad as it once was.

    chicks el centro bucerias

    A sampling of chicks for sale at the one of the vending areas off the town square in Bucerias. I’m assuming they’ve been colored using some sort of vegetable based dye. I once saw a box of around 200 chicks in various colors for sale. How I wish I’d had my camera. This was the best I could find since then.

    The Bar Above Palapa bucerias

    One of the many 360 degree views from the palapa at “The Bar Above,” where my friend Buddy runs a specialty desert restaurant in downtown Bucerias. One of his desserts, the Chocolate Molten is the best chocolate treat I’ve ever had. It’s a souffle that when baked, is like cake on the outside, but when you dig into it with your spoon, the center is filled with thick hot chocolate that resembles lava. If you’re a chocolate lover, you have to try this dessert.

    bar above bucerias

    Another one of the many spectacular views from “The Bar Above.”

    bar above bucerias

    The northern part of Bucerias as seen from “The Bar Above.”

    tiles bucerias

    A closeup of tiles shot at sunset from… you guessed it, “The Bar Above.” How can you tell that I like this place?

    texture bucerias

    Another great texture shot at sundown on the palapa at “The Bar Above.”

    sunset the bar above bucerias

    The crown jewel. A glorious sunset from “The Bar Above.”

    sign bucerias

    A colorful street sign in downtown Bucerias.

    steel bench bucerias

    An ornate steel bench in downtown Bucerias. These benches are attractive, but incredibly uncomfortable. It seems that their only purpose is to take the soreness from your feet and transfer it to your back.

    fountain bucerias

    A fountain (in downtown Bucerias).

    masks bucerias

    Some masks for sale in downtown Bucerias. When I snapped the shot, the vendor held out his hand and said: “ten pesos.” I was annoyed, but I really wanted the shot, so I paid him. Next time I’ll ask first.

    relaxing bucerias

    Zen and the Art of Relaxaton.

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