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    The Costco Cabo San Lucas Miss-Adventure Revisited


    After our abortive attempt to find and visit Costco, we returned again, determined to find the place. This time, we asked for directions.

    Costco, as it turns out is visible from the right side of the main road but you can’t get to it in a way you would in Canada or the US. To elaborate, if you make a left turn off the highway, there’s a good chance you’ll wind up in an accident and this nearly happened to me many years ago.

    The reason is this: You cannot make a left turn off the highway. When you want to make a left turn, you have to get in the far right lane and when you want to turn off, you have to turn right and get on the lateral, a road that runs right beside the highway. You’ll wind up at a stop light, the same as drivers on the highway. The difference is that the lights will turn green at different times.

    When it turns green on the lateral, you turn left and cross both lanes of the highway, and turn left onto the lateral on the other side, which will take you to your destination. That’s how we finally made it. It sounds a bit confusing in the telling but once you experience this way of driving it will make complete sense.

    Once we figured out the system, getting to Costco (or any other shopping centre) in that area was easy.

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