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    The City Club Adventure in La Paz, BCS, Mexico


    Today we went off on another shopping adventure to City Club, looking for that infamous Canadian Maple syrup. City Club is at the southeast end of town, at Plaza La Paz, sometimes known as Soriana, because there’s a Soriana grocery store there. And incidentally, if you take a bus to this place, look for one that has Soriana on it. That’s the right one.

    Anyway, we were driving up there and I kept hearing a funny sound from my car. I wasn’t sure what it was but I strongly suspected a power steering issue. When we stopped, I checked the reservoir, and sure enough, it was almost empty.

    I filled it several times befor the fluid stabilized in the reservoir. I suspect I have a slow leak, the result of hitting the undercarriage of the car so many times on topes (speed bumps) and bottoming out on rough roads. I’ll have to monitor it and see how it goes.

    That task taken care of, we wandered into City Club, where I suspected we’d need a membership. Sure enough, we did, but trust my luck that it wasn’t on the exit side (as it is with Sam’s or Costco), but on the entrance side. Go figure. The price was $300 pesos for the two of us.

    It was all pretty straightforward, until it came time to take the photos.

    I wandered into position, then the clerk motioned for Laura to join me. That had never happened before and we both thought it was pretty funny. So did the clerk, but for a different reason.


    And here’s the result. Our mugs on the back…


    And what the card looks like on the front.

    As for the Maple syrup. Bummed again. Plenty of the artificial stuff, but none of the real McCoy. I guess the one jug we got was a one-shot deal.

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  • There’s a new study out that shows that like honey, maple syrop is a healthy sweet – loaded with anti-oxidants and cancer fighting agents. Go Canada!!

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