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    The Alaska Airlines Drama: Resolution


    In my last article I was writing about the Alaska Airlines drama. As you can well imagine, I wasn’t impressed with the response, which seemed to only justify the deceptive practices, and to also place the onus on me.

    worse was the “compensation,” which I felt was both an insult and a joke. Shortly after I got the letter, I forwarded it to my favorite travel blogger, Chris Elliott, to ask him his opinion.

    He told me it was time to escalate it and I asked him about doing a chargeback, but he wasn’t hopeful. Still, I wanted to try it, partly because I didn’t use my Visa to pay for the flight, but a debit/credit card. I was hoping I’d get more support from my bank.

    And as it turned out, that was a great move. Not only did I get the support, I was able to do a partial chargeback. Why partial, you ask? Because part of Alaska’s service was as advertised. Still, I wanted compensation and the bank helped me to determine what was fair, without trying to stiff the airline for the full flight.

    Here’s what I learned: If you ask for partial compensation you’re far more likely to be successful. Add to that is that fact that I went through all the proper channels and wrote a documented complaint letter and received a response. All of these factors were in my favor and made it easier to pursue a successful claim.

    The bottom line is simple – due diligence and learning how to write an effective complaint letter.

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