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    Taking Care of Yourself On the Road (And At Home)


    It’s no secret that you need to be vigilant when traveling, but what about if you move to a new city? Or even in your own town? Author J.J. Luna is no stranger to this subject and recommends that at the very least, you get yourself a ghost address as a way of protecting your privacy.

    Why would you want to do that? This may surprise you, but with simple Internet search techniques, a stranger could easily find your home address. If that person has malicious intentions, that could open you up to some serious harm.

    Various criminals have used this method to stalk their victims, resulting in kidnappings and murder. It’s with this in mind that I recommend Luna’s latest book: Dirty Tricks for Savvy Chicks: Ages 18-88

    Don’t let the title throw you. It’s designed for people of all ages and especially women.

    Getting back to what I wrote above, if you have a ghost address, potential criminals won’t be able to find you. And if you need to receive deliveries (which is a way that criminals can get you to open your door), those will go to the ghost address, protecting your privacy.

    There’s more to learn of course, and it’s all detailed in this book which I recommend highly.

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