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    Take a Medical Vacation to Mexico and Save Money


    With costs rising in both the United States and Canada, people are feeling the pinch as the costs use up more of their available income. As a result, people start looking for ways to cut costs, especially when it comes to medical expenses.

    For a Canadian, depending on what they need, the costs of medicine can be considerably less in the United States. And conversely, for some Americans, Canadian goods are available for less than what they pay stateside.

    And then there’s the considerable amount that one can save by going to Mexico. As an example, while you can buy travel health insurance for Mexico, many of my friends there have no insurance at all. It’s not that they can’t afford it. They can. It’s just that the cost of medical care is so low that many of them choose to pay only when they need it.

    Now if this sounds crazy to you, let me give you an example. I know of a man who lives in Oaxaca. He has no insurance. Some years ago, he had Appendicitis. Unfortunately for him, it burst. On a weekend. And he needed emergency surgery. He had a team of seven people attending to him and he wss in hospital for a week. How much do think this would have cost in the United States?

    How much do you think it cost in Mexico?

    The total cost, with taxes, was only $2,000.00. That’s all.

    Now you know why many people don’t bother to buy insurance. And then there’s the cost of dental. You guessed it – it’s considerably less in Mexico, too. Check out this Dental Vacation in Mexico link. The story talks about how to get dentures in Mexico but it doesn’t say where you should go.

    I can help you with that. The fastest, easiest way is to get on travel forums for a place where you want to to, then put out a request on the forums asking for recommendations. This is how I’ve been able to get great travel deals on apartments and other things, too.

    You can do the same. As an example, if you were in La Paz, BCS, I’d recommend joing the La Paz Gringo’s on Yahoo or checking out The Cruiser’s Club. Both places would have many resources and options for you. It’s that easy.

    Happy travels.

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