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Internet Service in Mexico: Part 3, telcel (Update)

Overall, my favorite Internet service is the one available from telcel, which is a major carrier in Mexico. In this post you'll learn about the aircard service in Mexico, which offers excellent coverage and flexibility

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VOIP (Voice over IP) Service in Mexico

In this post you'll learn about VOIP (Voice Over IP) options in Mexico. Here, I discuss Primus, Vonage, Skype and magicJack. Read on...

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Bloody Expensive Aircard Service in the United States

On this trip (2009) I went to stay with my mother for awhile. She lives in a trailer park and I knew she wasn't online and due to the layout of the park I suspected that few, if any of the residents would have wireless. As it turns out, I was right and I bought an aircard. This is what happened...

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