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    Stateside….. Again


    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, mostly due to some issues I encountered while traveling. The end result is I’m stateside, and I’m getting ready to attend a conference on Internet marketing this weekend.

    Last night, though, I took a time out, braved the California rush hour and drove all the way from Anaheim to Pasadena for The Pasadena Spanish Meetup, one of two that I’ve attended outside of Canada.

    Pasadena Meetup

    This shot shows off Karin, the organizer. When I tried to sign up for the group, it was full. Still, I sent a message to Karin and she graciously signed me up for the meeting, which, as it turned out, was well attended.

    Pasadena Meetup


    Pasadena Meetup

    When I returned from Mexico two years ago, I was looking for opportunities to continue studying Spanish, but found none that suited me in Victoria. After searching online, I found MeetUp.com and became a member.

    After several fruitless weeks of waiting for someone to start a group in Victoria, I finally shelled out some bucks and formed The Victoria Spanish Group. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. And now 87 meetings later, the group still meets regularly with a small, but dedicated group of people determined to improve their Spanish.

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