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    Should Women Travel Alone?


    There’s been quite a bit of buzz lately about a woman who was killed while traveling alone in Turkey. This gives rise to the perception that it’s unwise for a woman to travel alone and certainly, many women I’ve met would agree with that.

    And then there are others who disagree completely. Take Tina L. (not her real name). I met her on the dating site Plenty of Fish and we began talking about our travels. At one point (and after a Skype chat), she asked me where I was going. “La Paz,” on the Baja, I said.

    She asked me to tell her about it and she did some homework. Shortly afterwards, she said: “Sounds like a cool place; I’ll see you there.” And off she went.

    When I arrived in La Paz we met and hung out together for the entire time she was there. Now the interesting thing is that this woman is attractive and blonde with blue eyes to boot and a natural magnet for many of the men down there. Did that faze her at all? Nope. She chose to travel, did it and enjoyed herself.

    Despite what the press has to say, she wasn’t afraid to travel alone. Not only did I admire he for that, but also for the fact that she would just get up and go, which I really liked, and partly because I do the same thing.

    And this article appears to agree with that. Have a look and if you feel so inclined, leave a comment..

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