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    Secrets of Profitable Freelance Writing: How to Use Writing Sites to Find Work


    (This is post is an excerpt of Chapter 4)

    In this chapter, you will learn how to use writing sites to find writing assignments. Here, we are going to look at Freelancewriting.com.


    At first glance, the site seems overwhelming since there is so much information here, but we are only going to look at one section, so that simplifies things.


    Directly above the logo, I click on Writer’s Guidelines (highlighted in light gray), which brings up the Magazine Guidelines Database. On this page are several categories. Clicking on any of these will bring up a list of magazines.


    Since my background is in computers, I am going to click on Technology. As I scroll down the list, you can see that there are many options. One that catches my attention is about Gaming, so I will click on that.


    On the page that appears, you see a short summary of what the magazine is about, as well as a link to the Writer’s Guidelines. Often you will find that the summary and the Writer’s Guidelines are the same, though occasionally they are different.


    I recommend clicking on both links regardless and copying all the data into Notepad. When you do so, make sure you use a separator for each section. Also, save each search by subject and save each subject separately. That will make it easier to keep track of when you are sending out your queries later.

    I recommend the procedure of copying the listings into Notepad for all your searches. It is also a good idea to print out your notes for easy reference later, and to make additional notes about the site.

    (This concludes today’s excerpt.)

    Want the entire program ? Click here to get the book and all the videos in one package.)

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    Want the entire program ? Click here to get the book and all the videos in one package.)

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