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    Secrets of Profitable Freelance Writing: How to Find Magazines with Search Engines


    (This is post is an excerpt of Chapter 3)

    In this section, you will learn how to use search engines to find paying magazines and trade journals.

    If you are not familiar with the ways that you can search online, here are some simple, yet important things to consider. There are three main keyword-searching options to find targeted information. These are: Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match.


    1. Broad Match: This keyword combination uses all the words in the search. If you search for the keyword: “golf bags” on Google, you get 8,450,000 results, which is huge. This is because the search is for both “golf” and “bags.”


    If you look at the search results, you see word combinations such as “golf bag reviews,” “nike golf bags,” “golf travel bags,” etc. If none of these options is what you want, you need to refine your search.


    2. Phrase Match: When you use this method, your results match the exact phrase. Here is how it works. You add quotation marks around your keyword, like this: “golf bags” In this case, the result comes back with 1,460,000 matches. This is still quite substantial but, as you can see, we are narrowing things down.

    Later on, you will learn how to refine your searches even further, with long tail keywords. These precise keyword combinations give you a highly focused result.


    3. Exact Match: This keyword combination is for searches that are for that phrase only and as written, without any other words in the search. Here is how you would use it in a search: [golf bags]. In this case, we received roughly 8,450,000 results, which is too much. Sometimes this search gives you the exact opposite of what you would expect.


    Long Tail Keywords: This is where we really drill down and get specific. We will refine this search further by using a phrase match for the keyword: “bagboy golf bags” which returns 16,200 results.


    To go further, we will use a phrase match for the keyword: “bagboy revolver golf bags” This is where we hit the jackpot. The search turns up four results. You can see how this can help you a great deal when you want to find specific information.

    How Does This Help You As a Freelance Writer?

    As I said earlier, it is a combination of knowing how to search and what to search. If you only have one piece of the puzzle, you will not get the results you are after.

    When I was searching for resources, I would use keyword phrases such as: List of, directory of, etc.

    I combined these with more specific phrases, such as: paying magazines, paying journals, american paying magazines, british paying magazines, etc.

    I went even further, so the search phrase would look like this: “list of paying american magazines.” This is an example of a long tail search phrase. When I plugged it into the search engines, I made some great discoveries.

    (This concludes today’s excerpt.)

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