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    Secrets of Profitable Freelance Writing: Chapter 1: Getting Started with a Mind Map


    I have nothing to write about…

    This is one the biggest complaints I hear from new writers. In reality, you have an enormous amount of life experience and business knowledge.

    One very powerful way of tapping into your history is to use a mind map.


    A mind map is one of the fastest ways of coming up with new ideas. You place your name in the center and circle it, then let your mind come up with all sorts of ideas represented by the lines radiating out. The main heading for each idea is at the top of each arm. From there, you can list other ideas as they flash into your mind. The process takes only minutes.

    Editing your ideas comes later. As a way of going further, you might want to take one of the ideas you have written down and create a new mind map. The mind map is extremely effective in revealing all sorts of topics, which you could cover as a writer.

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