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    Scenes of El Triunfo


    In this video are scenes from one of my favorite local hangouts, El Triunfo. Many years ago it was a mining town but all of that was shut down in the 1920’s, if my information is correct.

    Now, the town is a shell of its former self with a population of 367 people. When you drive around the place you’ll find it’s quite beautiful, with lovely old buildings, brickword and cobblestone streets.

    The old smokestack from the mine is one of ever present reminders of the town’s history and if you go to the old mining site you’ll find a lot of old, rusting equipment scattered about. The entrances to the base of the smokestack have been sealed and the stack looks like a large, lonely sentinel on the landscape.

    A closer look at the stack will make you realize that it’s not in the best of shape. There’s a huge crack in one side of it that runs probably half the length of the stack. All it would take is one good earthquake and the thing would probably crumble.

    As you look at the video, you’ll see some shots around the town, but most of the images come from the El Triunfo Cafe’, which is must see if you come here. Among other things, the make great coffee’s and latte’s, wonderful cinnamon buns, and if you’re really hungry, I recommend the pizza.

    One of my friends, a fellow by the name of Linc, lives across the street. He’s a really knowledgeable guy and I’ve had many conversations with him. One down side of visiting here is that there are no hotels. Unless you know someone in town, it’s strictly a day visit. Then again, that’s not a problem. El Triunfo is on one hour’s drive from La Paz.

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