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    Sayulita: A Surfer’s Paradise


    An impressive looking building, this is one of the many local surf shops in Sayulita.

    building sayulita
    steps el centro sayulita

    A stairway leading to the city square (el centro) in Sayulita.

    sandwich board sayulita

    A sandwich board at a hotel in Sayulita, a surfing paradise a 20 minute bus ride north of Bucerias.

    beach capitan pablos sayulita

    On the beach at Capitan Pablo’s at Sayulita. The surf was really huge that day, larger than normal and with high winds.

    door sayulita

    An inviting entrance to what appeared to be an exclusive resort hotel on the ocean at Sayulita.

    steps sayulita

    A stairway along the beachfront in Sayulita.

    coffee sayulita

    You’re witnessing a historic moment. My first decent cup of coffee in Sayulita, a surfer’s paradise. The last time I came here, I couldn’t get any coffee, despite going to three different restaurants. So much for civilization.

    coffee sayulita

    A moment of apprehension at the first taste.

    coffee sayulita

    Note the delicate handing of the cup as I worship at the coffee altar in Sayulita.

    surfing sayulita

    Surfing at Sayulita.

    Another sufing shot.

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