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    Rogue Software a.k.a. Fake Anti-Malware Software


    One of the fastest growing online scams concerns fake anti-malware software, sometimes referred to as “Rogue” software. It’s marketed by ads that simulate for genuine software programs. You’ll encounter seemingly legitimate names such as: DriveCleaner, AdvancedPCTweaker, PC Cleaner 2008, and many, many others. 

    Here are some things to know about rogue/fake anti-malware software. 

    When you visit one of these sites, you’ll be encouraged to run a scan on your computer for spyware. The scan will inevitably find that your computer is infected with spyware (whether you have it or not) and will try to scare you into paying for the software to remove it. 

    If that software gets on your computer, it can cause all sorts of problems. Your machine might slow down and you could be charged for additional “services” or software you didn’t purchase. 

    Obtaining a refund is next to impossible because these companies frequently change name and URL’s. To make matters worse, you could easily have become a victim of identity theft. 


    If you’ve downloaded this type of program, you must remove it from you computer. Here’s a page from Microsoft which will show you how to remove this software from your system.

    Protect Your Computer With These Programs

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