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    Road Trip 2008: Part 1


    Today is the day. After long months of planning, wishing, etc. I’m now off on a journey to span 3-4 months. The plan? To drive all the way down I-5 to LA, make a bit of a detour to visit a friend in Austin, then head off into Mexico. Here are some of the pix I took, on that morning of January 21st. Enjoy!

    Coho Car Deck Interior

    The interior of the car deck on the Coho. As luck would have it, I was one of the first in line. Note that the deck is partly empty. My timing, as it turns out, was good. Today was the last full day of 3 sailinds a day. After that, Black Ball Ferries was going to cut back to one sailing a day.

    Car Deck looking out

    Looking out from the car deck on the Coho.

    Coho stern

    Stern shot on the Coho.

    What I left behind

    What I left behind. Shot from the upper deck on the Coho.

    Baffed out

    One seriously baffed out traveler. He had the right idea, in my opinion, but I was just too keyed up to even think about sleeping. I had a long drive ahead of me and my number one goal was to make it past Portland.

    I was into a lot of preparation before I left, putting stuff into storage, etc., but one of the best things I did was to listen to my buddy Doug and buy myself a Garmin GPS for navigation. Prior to the trip, I’d not had much experience using one, so I was about to embark on an acid test. As it’s turned out, the unit is a Godsend. It more than made up for not having a friend to navigate in the right seat. It feels a bit strange taking instructions from a machine, but having the gps is a huge benefit.

    As luck would have it, I made it south, all the way to a town called Roseburg, in southern Oregon, just north of the border, going into California. More on that in my next post…..

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