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    Road Trip 2008: Part 2


    Well, I made it past Portland, my prime objective. Going through that place I find nerve-wracking, but my trusty GPS helped enormously. One thing that caught me by surprise was when it suddenly dimmed to accommodate dusk. That gave me a bit of turn as it was now much harder to see the display. I took that as a hint to take off my shades for the day.

    Roseburg dawn

    The morning dawns at the Super 8 in Roseburg, cold and clear.

    Rosbud frosty morning

    I’d had this weird idea that once I started traveling south, that the temperatures would be milder. Bang goes another illusion! It was COLD this morning! Note the frost on my windows. That was an unexpected surprise.

    Grants Pass - Powderhorn Cafe/

    The first of many coffee shots. This was taken in the Powderhorn Cafe’ in Grants Pass, about one hour’s drive south of Roseburg. Unfortunately, the coffee, while hot, wasn’t very good, so I chucked it and nipped across the road to one of the Dutch Brothers’ coffee houses and got an Americano to go. These coffee houses have become really popular and many of them are just little kiosks where you pull in, order your coffee and go!

    Weed Rest Area

    One of the many rest areas along the highway. This rest area, in northern California, boasts some impressive views, as you’ll soon see.


    My car, with that big thing (Mt. Shasta) in the background.

    Weed bird

    One of the local residents at the Weed rest area.

    Rest area Lakehead

    Another one of those rest areas, further down the road, at Lakehead. I wasn’t terribly enthralled with the place, so I didn’t take other photos.

    After this rest area, I drove for a long time, making it to my destination, The Rodeway Inn in Berkeley, around 6:00pm. When I got out of my car I wasn’t prepared for the cold. It was intense, with rain and wind on top of it. Small wonder that I didn’t go far from my hotel room that night.

    When I used the Internet, or tried to, it worked, but just barely. Getting on Skype was an absolute disastar. I sounded like I was underwater. In desperation, I went to the office, hoping they could increase power to the wireless node.

    What they did instead was to hand me a bag of electronic gear. Essentially, I was to plug my laptop into this thing, then to plug one end into the wall. It turned out to be a portable amplifier that one could use to boost the wireless signal. I still had to have my room door open when I used Skype, but it worked and I was able to make all my calls.

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