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    Rental Fraud: Luna Azul Suites www.lunaazulsuites.com, Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico


    I was offered an apartment by Cyndi Ross for the month of April for $6,000 pesos. I agreed, paid her $3,000 pesos and she sent me a receipt, which I agreed to.

    Shortly after I paid her, she started to complain about some former tenants who used the a/c excessively and raised her electrical bill through the ceiling. She did that several times and I eventually became concerned. She even showed me the electrical bill, which was for well over $7,000 pesos. I felt she was attempting to transfer blame for this cost to me, even though I had nothing to with the problem.

    When I asked her what she wanted to cover those costs, she told me: “$1,500 pesos.” I turned her down because that would have taken me to $7,500 pesos for the month and that was out of my range.

    Telling me that a/c isn’t included and she expected me not to use it or to use is sparingly is ludicrous. Mexico is a hot country and especially Bucerias in April. If she didn’t want clients to use a/c, why install it in the apartments? Cyndi is attempting to blame me for her omissions and irresponsibility. She also claims that a/c was never offered in her agreements. As a webmaster, I know it’s possible to quickly change a website and make it seem like the site was always that way. Proving otherwise would be very difficult.

    I didn’t address the problem while I was in Bucerias because I was staying with her as a roommate. Had I done so, she could have told me to leave, which would have cost me even more money to find another place.

    Cyndi claims she never asked me for the extra money and because I don’t have it in writing, I don’t have a case. Her denials, plus that earlier statement can be construed as an admission of guilt and trying to cover it up after the fact. This was really clear in her last message to me, where she tells me she never asked for $1,500 pesos and accuses me of lying, distorting the facts and having “invented” the conversation about the $1,500 pesos.

    She accused me of bullying her but she bullied me and tried to stop me from getting legal help. She also claims I will never see a penny if I choose legal recourse.

    She told me her policies are law and she has the right to withhold my money, even after she broke the agreement. I disagree. What she did was misrepresentation and fraud. Had she not attempted to inflate the cost, I would have followed through on staying there.

    When I told her I would report her to Profeco and social media if she didn’t give me my money back, she taunted me by saying that since I’m a negative person she has nothing to fear. I disagree. Social media can be very powerful, a lesson which many a business owner has found out – the hard way.

    © Nathan Segal. 2014

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