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    Reflections on Life in Mexico


    What’s surprising is how ordinary life has become in Mexico. It simply means that where we are now is our life, transplanted to another place. What was once a novelty is now normal. Our everyday life is here and we now no longer think of it as “being on vacation,” or something to do for awhile until we return to “the real world.”

    Now, this is “the real world.” As my friend Dennis once said: “You’re living the dream.”

    And it feels great. We like it here very much.

    For the time being, this is “home.” Whether it will become a long-term home remains to be seen, since both of us want to travel and explore the world. But for now, this is a comfortable base and a pleasant place to live.

    Overall, I’m much happier in Mexico than I ever was in Canada or the U.S., and this is despite the language issues. Life here is easier somehow. And it’s warm and comfortable.

    When I first came to Mexico 6 years ago, I was unprepared. I’d been working really hard and didn’t give much thought to the trip, other than to book our tickets.

    When we arrived, I felt like a fish out of water. I had no idea what to do, so I was grateful to my girlfriend for showing me around. I was also profoundly embarassed because I hadn’t taken the time to learn anything about the language. Even the word, “Hola,” sounded strange to me.

    In the very short time we were there (an all-inclusive in Puerto Vallarta), I saw a different way of living, loved it and didn’t want to go back to Canada. It was hell to get on the flight back, only a week later.

    The trip, short as it was had changed me profoundly. No longer was I content to live life in Canada. I saw a better way and I wanted it. When we returned, I told Carol (now my ex) that I was going to start studying Spanish. She didn’t believe me and thought it was just a passing fad.

    Not long after, I was enrolled in Spanish immersion at a local church. And as for our relationship? It ended less than a year later. As part of my healing, I went to Mexico for nearly 4 months, and that’s where the adventure really began.

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