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    Reflections on Canada, the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and Personal Responsibility



    It’s very tempting to lay all the blame for where we are at the feet of the CRA, but I feel that’s only part of the truth. The reality is the government is firmly in control of the CRA and they do what they’re told to do by the government.

    From my perspective the CRA was formed by the government and operates in the government’s back pocket. In that sense, despite the appearance of a separate agency, they are, in fact, virtually indistinguishable.

    It’s very tempting to blame the CRA and the government for all our woes, but I feel that the truth is something else. As Canadians, we bear a large part of the responsibility for the mess that we’re in.

    I see Canadians in a variety of ways. One is that we seem to be in a kind of hypnotic sleep, where we actually believe that the government is doing all of these things to us. But in my view, that’s only partially true.

    In reality is, we, as Canadians, like to be taken care of, we seem to love our rules (that make use feel safe), we don’t want to take responsibility for our own lives and we have given our power away without realizing it. This giving away of our power is the root of our troubles.

    And the government has been more than happy to take our disowned power and use it for their own ends. Now, the government has become so unwieldy that the people have little or no self-determination. And that’s our fault. If we want responsible government, we have to force them to be that way.

    We have to change our circumstances so that instead of being afraid of the government, they should be answerable to us. If they don’t do what we want, then we fire them. None of this recall, referendum, 10% of the vote crap. That’s absolute BS. That only works in the government’s favor, not us. And if they don’t like it, they can toss it out. That has to change.

    If we want responsible government, we have to force them to become responsible. And one place to start is to abolish all income tax, dismantle the CRA and institute a flat consumption tax that all have to pay, regardless of position in society.

    Also, we need to make the role of government one of truly serving the people, not one where there are all sorts of secret dealings where they steal our money through legalized theft for their own ends. That has to stop. We, as the people, must take responsibility for this mess that we’ve created for ourselves and put a stop to it.

    I know what I say will be unpopular and will probably infuriate some people, but in my opinion, those who get really angry are those who are unwilling to look at their role in creating this mess.

    From my perspective, there are at least two sides to the story. Also, in my opinion, those who become angry with me are people find it easier to blame others than to accept responsibility for their own role.

    There’s another perspective to consider, though. First off, we’re not entirely responsible for this mess. Let me elaborate. All of us were born into this existing system and were taught that this is how life is. Few, if any questioned it because few knew any better.

    This system of taxation was well entrenched long before we were born. Also, in being taught that this is how things are, our compliance was secured, whether we realized it or not and our freedoms have slowly been eroded away.

    Now, in recent years, we’ve begun to see what’s really been happening and we’re starting to wake up.

    As more wake up, the balance of power will shift and we will eventually find our way to a fairer and more responsible form of government. Still, it’s not likely to be easy. I see many in government opposing the change.

    Still, we as the people truly hold the reins of power. Once we realize that and take our power back, the government will have to come into line with our wishes or lose their positions. This is where I see things going over the course of time.

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