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    Recovering Your Money from Travel Fraud Can Come at a Price


    Some time ago I was contacted by Maurice Leonard to do with a fraud complaint, lodged against Evasco Travel and Tours in the Phillipines. He asked that I post his complaint letter in the comments of my article How to Recover Your Money from Travel Fraud. I did so.

    Some time later, Maurice wrote to me and said that he was able to recover most of the money, but not all of it. Like his other letters, I added that to the comments section of the article above.

    A short time after that, I received a letter from Evasco Travels asking me to take down the posts, that the situation had been resolved. I demurred, and partly because it was clear to me that the situation wasn’t fully resolved, that Mr. Leonard was still out of pocket for additional expenses to recover his funds. More to the point, I chose to let the comments stand so that other travelers could read them, if necessary.

    After my response to Evasco, I wondered what would come of it. I found out this morning, with a new letter from Mr. Leonard. This has all been posted in the comments section of the my travel fraud article and you can read the entire thread in context.

    When I read Mr. Leonard’s letter, I recommended that he write to Chris Elliott of Elliot.org. Chris is a travel advocate and I thought Chris might be able to help him. And for those of you who read my blog, I also recommend that you write to Chris if you have a travel issue. He knows a great deal and he might be able to help you, or even better, to help you help yourself.

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