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    Recovering From Relationship Breakups


    After receiving an email from a reader I’ve decided to go into this subject in more depth and write about some of the steps I took to recover from a painful breakup, which I felt was the worst of my entire life.

    As Farouk points out, the fastest way to recover is to kill off all hope because even if you’re 95% sure the relationship is over but you have 5% hope that the relationship can be fixed, it is that 5% which will keep you imprisoned.

    To destroy that hope, Farouk gives specific instructions on contacting your ex and confirming by phone or email that the relationship is truly over. Doing this enough times will kill off any remaining hope. Once that happens, recovery will be rapid.

    I followed Farouk’s instructions to the letter. It was a painful experience but with each message, the hope eroded more and more. Eventually, I was done.

    After that, I continued to read Farouk’s book and learned about relationship from a different place. It was the key to my recovery as was telling my ex how I really felt.

    More to the point, I also addressed the intimacy problems in my life by creating more friendships and not allowing myself to be alone too much. Farouk discusses this strategy in-depth.

    Farouk also addresses the myth of the soul mate, the distorted ideas about relationship planted in our minds by the media and shows the reader how to form realistic expectations of love.

    In his book: How to Get Over Anyone In a Few Days, Farouk gives you all the tools you need to recover from painful breakups. It is by far the best book I’ve ever seen on the subject and I recommend it highly.

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