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    Random Photos Around Our Apartment in La Paz, BCS, Mexico


    In this shot we’re a block and a half away from our apartment, which is on the left. You can see the building in the distance.


    The entrance to our building. The entire entryway here is made of layers of steel.


    One of the trees immediately to the right of the front door as we exit the building. Somewhere close by is a Jasmine tree. There’s no scent during the day, but at night? Wow. Love it.


    Another tree on the left hand side. If anyone knows what those long pod-like things are, tell me. I’d like to know.


    Underground secure parking at our building. We have secured parking too, right across the street.


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  • I guess I wasn’t being clear in this post. When I said, “our apartment,” I wasn’t implying that we owned it. It was a rental.

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