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    Protecting Your Internet Privacy


    One issue that’s come up repeatedly is the issue of privacy. With the revelations made by Edward Snowden about the NSA Prism spy program, that becomes even more important. One common refrain is you don’t have anything to fear if you’re a law abiding citizen. I disagree.

    My lesson on that came when I was still a teenager living with my parents ten miles out of the city in the country. I had a ten speed bike that I would regularly leave outside on the lower porch. One day I came home to find it missing. I was shocked. All that distance in the country and someone came to our house with the purpose of stealing something, which just happened to be my bike.

    After that, I began locking everything, no matter where I was and I still do to this day, even if it seems no one is around. And in terms of Internet privacy, I recommend something similar if you don’t want your movements tracked online. How effective it is I don’t know, but it’s better to do something than nothing at all.

    The service I used for Mexico was Proxy Solutions, a monthly service that cost me $7.00/month. The nice thing about this service is you can use it to emulate various locations around the world. I chose the United States because many of the services I wanted were in the U.S. It also allowed me to play Scrabble on facebook with my girlfriend, something not possible using Mexican servers 🙂

    Another option is the service below:


    I know the name sounds strange, even funny to some, but it’s been recommended by some of my colleagues.

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