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    Protect Yourself from Spammers/Scammers


    One of the down sides of being online is if your email address falls into the hands of spammers/scammers. Within a short time your email box will begin to fill with spam. While your email software will give you tools to counteract the problem, that´s only part of the solution.

    In the coming weeks I¨ll post a link to an article I just wrote about spam, and what to do about it.

    For now, I want to briefly address an issue with spam and worse, spammers (and scammers).

    If you make the mistake of responding to a spammer, you could be in for a nasty surprise, especially if the spammer turns you into a target and decides to try to steal from you.

    You might be the target of elaborate cons, attempts at friendship whose sole purpose is to rip you off, or outright threats and even death threats if you don´t give the scammer what he/she wants.

    Fortunately, there´s an easy solution, this document I found when I had been contacted by a scammer who tried to blackmail me.

    If you have any questions, write to me.

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