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    5 Digital Photography Tips


    Here are 5 tips on how to take better photographs.

    1. Keep Backgrounds Simple

    A common problem when shooting images is ignoring the background and only concentrating on the subject. This can lead to problems with subjects with poles growing out of their heads, or simply a busy background. While you can fix this using software, it’s better to fix it on location. Keep backgrounds simple, with few colors if possible. Another option is to make use of your aperture to blur the background.

    2. Use a Sturdy Camera Support

    As I mentioned in the last section, one of the main detriments to successful photography is blurred image. A tripod makes a huge difference in creating a stable (and still) platform. This is especially important when shooting images at a low shutter speed. Your images will improve considerably as a result.

    Consider investing in a small, portable tripod that can easily be carried. You never know when you’ll need a steady support when one is unavailable.

    3. Use a Photographer’s Vest

    A photographer’s vest may seem to be an unnecessary expense, but having one gives you a place to store the bits and pieces of your gear on the road. It’s a lot more convenient than using a backpack.

    4. Carry a Pocket Gray/White Card

    When traveling, keep a small white/gray card with you for white balancing on location. You could use a white object wherever you are, but there’s no guarantee that it’s the white you need. In a worst case scenario, you would need to correct the color later in PHOTO-PAINT.

    5. Consider Buying a Lens Hood

    If you do a lot of shooting on location and especially into the sun, lens flare can be a problem. A lens hood is a good investment here.

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