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    Our First Vacation Villa Rental Experience in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!


    My wife and I have thought for a while about buying or renting a property in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. A fiend of mine, who lives as an expat in the Riviera Maya, gave us an insider tip to check out Playa del Carmen Vacation Rentals especially the luxury villas in residential area of Playacar.

    Winters in Europe can get pretty nasty, and at our age, we intend to enjoy life in warmer climates. Playa del Carmen has some direct flights from Europe and it’s only about 70 kms away from Cancun Airport. Many of the people there speak at least some English and that’s why we chose this destination to be our second home.


    We wanted to try different locations to be sure about the most comfortable area to enjoy our early retirement. Staying in a hotel was out of question because you cannot experience the feeling of being a local there. Some of our German friends have recommended us the Villa Experience web page to rent a vacation villa, and we really liked it!

    It wasn’t as complicated as we first thought. After seeing various options we were having trouble deciding between renting a condo in the downtown area or a luxury villa in Playacar Phase 2. Since was our first visit to Playa del Carmen, and although we were really tempted by an infinity pool and views on a spectacular golf course. Eventually, we decided to get to know the old town first, and rented a penthouse in the middle of the city with a pool.

    We loved every day of our stay in Playa del Carmen. At one point it used to be simply a fishing village, and now it has turned into a cosmopolitan tourist destination but still with that bohemian touch that we loved from the very first moment. It is definitely a place where you won’t get bored!

    There are hundreds of shops and restaurants, with the most exclusive on Fifth Avenue. I love playing golf (that’s why the Playacar phase 2 villas seemed so attractive), and there are three top-notch golf courses in the area. We also went on excursions to visit the Mayan ruins in Tulum, and we left the Xcaret eco-park for our next visit.

    The food was a pleasant surprise. We knew of the mild version of Mexican delicacies diluted for the European palate, and we were happy to discover that in Mexico it tastes so much better. If we wanted to, there were also plenty of other options with Japanese, Thai, Italian and French cuisine. And if you want to cook at home, they have the best and the cheapest groceries at the markets!

    Staying downtown had a transport advantage. Everything is so close here that we didn’t even need to use a taxi or buses, and we only rented a car once to go to Tulum.


    Last but not least, the beaches here. I had never seen such turquoise waters and such white sand before! I loved the long strolls at sunsets and kayaking in the mornings, we even started yoga classes with 4 other couples our age. Do I need to say that we’ve already started looking for a place to stay here for a few months next winter?

    Website: Villa Experience Mexico

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